Sunday, January 21, 2007

On The Lot Reality Series

on the lot
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"Aspiring filmmakers can take the first step toward fulfilling their dreams of becoming a Hollywood director by taking part in FOX's new reality competition series ON THE LOT. Video submissions and application forms are now being accepted at Applicants must submit a self-directed short film, up to five minutes in length, that may be shown on the website on a future date".

I'm actually going to enter this! I wanted to get the word out about this opportunity. There's only two weeks left so you have to hurry. I know it's FOX and all but you never know. Thery're picking 16 contestants for the show. The winner gets voted for and you win a develpmental deal with Dreamworks. Check out the website at I guess it's like American Idol but for amateur filmmakers and will be produced by Mark Burnette (Survivor etc.) and Steven Speilberg. Why the shit not?

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