Sunday, January 14, 2007

Internet Killed the Television Star

Ralph's Grocery Store
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Sweet lazy day Sunday. I always do my grocery shopping today and the family orders supper from our spot called "Hard Times Pizza". It has gotten freezing cold in Los Angeles. Last night it got down to 28 degrees and we saw snow covering the top of Eagle Rock. The slopes must be amazing at Big Bear right now. It's so clear and the wind has pushed all the dirty black smog somewhere far from sight. It's also really dry and kind of reminding me of the Winter's in Atlanta. On a totally diffrent note, I recently got asked to take part in a pilot for the E! chanel. Before I start to get too excited, I'm told it's a reality television project and it would be a kind of bachelor/dating show. My answer was a no thank you, it's just not me. I'm happy someone thought of me, but I know that my personality and style just doesn't match that type of entertainment. I mean, I've wanted to be an actress since I was a kid and when a person does reality t.v there's kind of no turning back. I believe in the art of expressing yourself with purpose and want to put my heart and soul in what I create. That's not what reality t.v is about. I'm not about wanting to get famous any way I possibly can. If I earn fame through my art work then I deserve it, if I don't, then it's not real and I'm a realist. I'm one of those people that very rarely watches television. I get my news from the radio. The twins don't watch it. I'm not trying to bash reality t.v, but I do think it's time is over. I'm ready for something hopefully more substantial to replace it. Something smarter. I need a certain quality to my career and I am willing to wait for it. As long as it takes. In the mean time, blogging has become my favorite new medium where I can incorporate photography and words to record these enlightening days. My space I like to go. I seem to be living on inspiration during these times. Finding it in strange places. Even my past. But easily feeling it nonetheless. Learning about more. Showing it. Sharing it with you.....................


Aram said...

thanks for sharing Carmen. good job on turning down that reality show crap. just keep waiting for it. in the meantime, keep loving those twins!! :)

INKLADY073 said...

You look alot like your Mom in this picture.Please hit me back girl would love to catch up with you and your family>>Heather