Sunday, December 24, 2006

For ___________

i saw you in pieces.
spilling scotch.
speaking french.
numbing up.
i've been to that place.
i've stared at that same ceiling
and drown in that song.
i've eaten that same nothing.
drank that same poison. sweet poison.
doing it's job.
make me forget i was loved .
running. running in the streets.
on fire for you.
i've slept on nails
with that same ghost.
sick from lonliness.
missing the earth.
while they grew in the sun.
i cried tears of whiskey.
you should listen to woody guthrie.
because it's your turn to know.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I worship you for the strength I see in you, and for the courage you have. Your writing vibrates in my eyes and echoes in my ears. Thank you for letting me in on your thoughts like this.
I hope you know we are all thinking about you and we love you and believe in you.
Have a happy holiday,
Love ya,