Wednesday, December 27, 2006

apple breath

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Scream, bite, pinch and kick your way into this world.
A universe beyond for holding the stars
and sleeping on Mars.
That big smile in the morning.
That soft cheek against my own.
Finding out my knowledge needs improvement.
And your breath always smells like apples.

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lhs said...

oh how we grow

walking across the street to school as an unknowing, all know child.
biting some kids face in kindergarten b/c you said it looked like an apple.
mrs. jordan, that wonderfully qwirky teacher.
davey swanson uping his lunch between us. and the teacher making us sit and sit and wait.
that girl named tess down the street...
playing in the mud with b.p. after the tornado with no cares in the world...i still have the pictures.
basketball...enough said
you and k.l. beating the crap outta each other.
catching he house on fire...then yours the next week.
sneaking out on the golf course...
moving away
you left
i love you
not talking for years but picking back up
now both of us with babies
God loves us