Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Grandfather Clock Stopped

Originally uploaded by papi337.

Seeing this forgiveness
Giving in
Pushing red to blue
Pulling my hair
Eating his choice
Gathering these moments
Remembering the Father
So what this fight
Taking the bait
Ending the sickness
Seeing the truth
Singing the blues
Drink taste strong
Bending spoons
Boiling memories
Am I now to be thankful
Barely remembering yesterday
While 6 stood for love
And 7 means heaven
Am I to forget
That I knocked so hard
And you pretended to not be home
I'm losing the sadness
Then what will you do
When no one owes you
I know now


Anonymous said...

self absorbed junkie piece of shit

Anonymous said...

Why haven't you blogged lately?

The Bourgeoisie said...

Perhaps you merely disable comments from being left upon review or you're not up for public display of the singing of your praises, but in any event, the things placed on this blog are more beautiful and interesting than a blog warrants.

INKLADY073 said...

From your childhood buddy again.Your Poem made my scars HURT;)~~like the "prick on my skin"U know what I mean.NUMB and dumb>>>>Hit me up girl.Heather Chambers